The knife is primarily a dangerous object. Before you hang the holder, make sure that small children can not reach it.

Good cook knives are usually large and heavy, so look for neodymium magnets, these are the most powerful for today, they have hundreds of shapes and sizes. If you doubt the reliability of magnets, make a knife for the knives. But with magnets more practical



Recently learned a very simple way how to make a magnetic knife holder with your own hands. This convenient adaptation has long been lacking in my kitchen, which my wife often reminded me of.

It turns out that such a holder in the literal sense can be collected from what is available. The idea is: to make a thin frame of wooden slats, to close one side with plastic, and to glue a decorative film for the species. And inside to paste any pieces of magnets from dynamic heads, hard drives, etc.

Magnets are glued on hot glue. You can also pour them with epoxy resin.
If you have access to the milling machine, you can take a single piece of wood, such as a bar. Cut out the groove, insert the magnets and varnish. It will look very stylish.


Let’s start making.

First, with the help of a screwdriver and the appropriate heads, you need to completely disassemble unnecessary hard disks … Their many parts that are part of the hard drive we will need only magnets … But do not rush to get rid of the other parts, because they can come in handy for you in everyday life or same for new homemade …

Now to the magnets carefully glue the double-sided adhesive tape, and cut out the protruding parts of the tape (that is, we make a neat look of the magnet) …

After that, we tear off the protective film of adhesive tape and glue the magnet to the surface on which you are going to hang knives or some other metal device with a small weight in the future …

Well, in principle and everything …

The magnet keeps well on the vertical surface without falling due to the scotch, but if we want the scotch to leave no marks on the surface, then you can use special fasteners that can be purchased at any building material store ..



The wall holder for knives is one of those products that is simple enough, if not elementary simply, you can do at home, as they say, without straining. The only thing that is required here is to acquire powerful neodymium magnets of any shape – the configuration of the role does not play.

Their thickness is important – optimally this size is from 3 to 5mm, because they can be embedded in a body of various thicknesses. Among other things, you will need a body, which, again, can be made from almost any improvised material – optimally it is wood, but if someone has a fatty (up to one centimeter) textolite or plastic in the household, then it will also fit. Suitable even for aluminum floors, but it should be understood that the knives on it will leave scratches, and after a short period of time such a holder will have to be thrown away or altered.